Breathe - Official Trailer [HD]

Breathe - Official Trailer [HD]

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Release Date: September 18th 2012
Genre: Documentary | Adventure
Cast: William Trubridge
Directors: Martin Khodabakhshian
Studio: Filmworks Entertainment

artin Khodabakhshian (9-Time Emmy Award-winning ESPN producer) directs and produces this fascinating documentary that truly goes to new depths in the search for mans physical and mental limits. Breathe follows New Zealander, William Trubridge as he attempts to break his own world record in the extreme sport of Freediving. William attempts to dive completely unaided to a depth of 300ft, almost to the bottom of the deepest blue hole in the world - Deans Blue Hole in the Bahamas.

Featuring candid interviews with locals who live in fear of the hole, interviews with Williams family members who are in constant fear for his life and stunning underwater footage of William in action, Breathe will literally leave you holding your own breath as William takes us on a journey to the depths of mankinds fascination with the underwater world.
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Breathe - Official Trailer [HD]
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