Focus The Truth - Drug Music

Focus The Truth - Drug Music

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Director // K. Elizabeth Rodriguez
Director of Photography // Elliot Beach
Producer // Smoking Indoors

Taken from the mix-tape Discourse Under Influence (D.U.I.)

This that laid back
Play it back drug music
Get use to it
See them niggas trying to do it
Get blaze rocking j everyday

Drinking Gordons gin thinking about how shall I begin/
Some of my best pleasures come from sin/
Slight addiction to nice clothes hugging my limbs/
Man make the clothes all your confidence is within/
Half my homeboys tats cover all of his skin/
He said he love the pain/
Please no need to explain/
Do what you want cuz people judging you gonna do them/
See my lifestyles different/
I sip wine and write down lyrics and create good music and disregard all critics/
Dont live it cuz I talk it I talk it because I live it/
A mind state thats really nothing like the normal/
Another pot head poetry author/
Im came to offer/


Ashtrays and roachclips/
Eyes dreary but my third eye open/
Move off of energy reached a peak but I wont stop smoking/
Keep coughing and just keep on rolling/
people say its bad for me but I get this burst of inspiration/
Said Im gonna quit on second thought Im still debating/
Its not like you can die from it/
I escape reality and think out side the box/
We all got addictions thats fact whether you like it or not/
Im good with a mic and some pot/
I wanna turn my pastime to that permanent job/
Smoke sessions created friendships that I would never have thought
Increase my network so I figure why stop
Playing biggie skys the limit/
Make moves if your hearts in it/
Stay true to myself thats why it sound so authentic/
In a zone of my own yall probably
But for now pick your poison indulge and listen
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Focus The Truth - Drug Music
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